logohttp://www.globalgujaratnews.com and http://www.globalgujaratnews.in is a venture of SPARK BROADCASTING PVT. LTD. ; based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Our products the http://www.globalgujaratnews.com –is best defined as The news, views and analyses webportal in Gujarati and http://www.globalgujaratnews.in in English.
Itis a bi-lingual web portal, basically aggregating and Covering Politics, Business, National, International , Entertainment, Development, Opinions, Interviews, Travel, Education, Gadgets, Society, Art, Literature, Fashion, Trends, Youth, Health, Environment, Sports, Culture, Spiritualitity and much more….
The Basic vision is To reach out to all segments of the Gujarati reader who is basically a Global Citizen. We have made this foray and presence in the INTERNET medium and have a goal in Filling the gap and vacuum the reader in Gujarat felt. To give the choice of the medium of language to the Global Citizen we have given him/her a choice of reader the content in English too.
Our WEB-PORTAL targets The – Gujarati Global Citizen who is an- exuberant reader: The Knowledge, information, latest trends, recreation. The informed, educated, young, not-so-young, intellectual, professional, ubber middle class and all. Our reach is Global !
Connect and log-in to GGN today to see the best of the NEWS VIEWS AND ANALYSES.
We believe people our readers voice should be heard.
Have your say on http://www.voicesonggn.wordpress.com


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